Tuesday, May 26, 2009

(Jon and Kate + Eight)*(Rob's Interest) = -30

Okay, perhaps the title is a lie since I'm even posting this, but isn't it time for fakieality (my term for "reality" shows) to bite the dust? I'm ashamed to admit that last night I actually turned on TLC (remember when that stood for The LEARNING Channel) for about 10 minutes during the apparent rerun of the last episodes of the last season of the show. But in my defense, it must be important because far more news hours have been devoted to covering the marital troubles of this alleged celebrity couple than have been committed to a nuclear North Korea, the impact of the stimulus package and seemingly, even accused wife murder Drew Peterson.

What I found was your typical "staged" reality show in which the drama appears to be mostly faked or provoked, and self absorbed semi-attractive people try to be profound.

I have to ask myself why we encourage or feel the need to watch any couple who chooses to put their minor children in front of the cameras to air their own personal dirty laundry for fame and profit? And what entertainment value does anyone get out of it? Do people identify with their fake exploits? Do they enjoy their pain?

I admit to enjoying three "reality" shows, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Biggest Loser, and Big Brother.

I enjoy the first two because they are mostly kind and warm the heart. As for the last one...... I find it entertaining because it seems almost immune to the producers attempts to make things happen and is populated by such vapid people that it is fun to hate them all.

From what little I saw of Kate and Jon, I see two immature people who, like Octomom, think punching out several kids entitles them to some award. Kate and Jon, want to really find out what reality is like? Try raising that family without funding from a cable network, corporate sponsorship, and being semi-famous.