Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why I'm voting for Democrats in the 2014 Midterms

Why am I voting for Democrats this Tuesday?
  • Because my values of making sure each person has the opportunity to learn, succeed, and be healthy and thrive in this country are in line with both my Christian upbringing and American history  
  • Because I believe people deserve more of a voice than corporations, despite our Supreme Court equating the two.  
  • Because I believe that women are equal and should have equal pay for work, not be subject to government dictating their personal healthcare decisions, and be treated as equals to men in every sphere of life.
  • Because I understand science and support the use of science in helping guide the choices we make in governing.
  • Because I believe business is important, but shouldn't be allowed through lax regulation or enforcement to prey on the economic, environmental, or physical well being of individuals.   
  • Because a strong public education is one of the most valuable contributions we can make to our children, and I do not support the weakening of public education through privatization to line the pockets of people with zero interest in improving educational outcomes.  
  • Because I'm tired of the influence of a narrow band of the religious right in politics who have created a culture that demonizes those most oppressed in order to support the interests of those with the most power.    
  • Because I don't believe essential services provided by our government should be privatized or based on the whims of the stock market.  
  • Because trickle down economics doesn't work, hasn't worked, and won't ever work
  • Because a strong middle class is the backbone of a strong United States, and Americans working for a living wage are the TRUE job creators.   
  • Because my gay and lesbian friends and relatives deserve to have the same rights as my wife and I do, and shouldn't face legal discrimination by employers and the community.   
  • Because I cannot support Senate leaders who place a higher priority on making the President look bad than going to DC to do the lawmaking they were elected and paid for
  • Because I want my daughter to face a future that is better than that of her parents, and the parents before her.    
Join me and vote Democratic in 2014 midterms.