Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Need A Vacation From Taking a Break

EVERYONE:  Have you seen the Walking Dead?  

ME:  Looks  depressing.

EVERYONE:  It's awesome, you have to give it a chance.   

ME:  (Subconsciously)  I have to give it a chance.    (Adds it to my Netflix queue.)  

EVERYONE:  How about Empire.   That show is crazy.  

ME:  No time.  

EVERYONE:  You have to make time. 

So I check.  Empire's not out there on demand, so I guess I will have to wait for streaming.  But wait, the show is only going to be available on Hulu, which I don't have.   Should I add it to my Roku with Amazon and Netflix?   How about those episodes of Community on Yahoo Screen, which I assume is accessible with my Roku.    Are they any good?  I haven't had time to look in Entertainment Weekly.   Let me download it on the Next Issue app.  

OOOH!   50 Most Innovative Companies.   Wish I worked there.   Better download that issue of Fast Company.   Right after I look at the Consumer Reports Auto Issue.    Wait, who is that on Rolling Stone?    Led Zeppelin?  New remasters?  I need to get those.  And add those 50 songs I downloaded last month to my iPod.    Let me make a note on my iPad.   Oh look, there's Goodreads.   That reminds me, I need to add the latest Stephen King book to my other...... holy crap, 325 books to read.    Better get cracking on that.   Let me open up my Kindle.   Page 6 of 520.   Wow.    Oh look, there's an awards show on.   Better live tweet that while I watch.   What's the agreed upon hashtag?  

Let me just find my twitter bookmark.   Oh, there's my blog.  The one I was going to update every day because I love writing so much.   I should probably get to that.  

Man, all of this leisure time is wearing me out.   Perhaps I should just go to bed.

Right after I download that magazine about stress relief.