Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gun Laws, Gun Nuts, and Gun Myths. Stop the Gunsanity.

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I am tired of the paranoiacs who are convinced every conversation about gun violence is an indication that the government is going to beat down your doors to get the weapons that have become your security blanket. You are being sold a line of bullshit by the NRA because they want to sell you more guns and ammo. The NRA drives conversations on guns. They draft and create laws that absolve gun makers and dealers from responsibility, even the protections that you have under the Constitution for just about every industry but guns.
The gun lobby sells us the myth that in mass shootings, good guys with guns will come to the rescue, because occasionally it does happen. But in many of these tragedies, the end comes with the killer putting a bullet in himself, or someone WITHOUT A GUN tackling, disarming, and/or talking down the killer. It may be fun to pretend that you're some badass combination of Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, and Liam Neeson if you were confronted with a situation like this, but think about it realistically. If you're out with family and friends and bullets start flying, is your first instinct going to be to reach for your weapon, find the shooter, and shoot him before he shoots you or anyone else, with the risk that there may be multiple shooters or law enforcement who think YOU are in on the shooting? Or are you going to get out yourself and your family out of harms way? And if you do shoot, do you think your nerves, adrenaline, and fear are going to suddenly combine so that you're an excellent shot able to hit only the person firing and not injure anyone else?
I'm tired of the paranoia, fear, and outright statistically nonsensical idea that the fact you own a gun and know who to use it well turns you into some sort of mythical movie Rambo "good guy with a gun", and that anyone proposing laws that make it harder to get a gun, certain guns, certain types of ammo, or simply just to give law enforcement more tools to track down those who use and sell guns illegally is the government coming to you like Hitler in the middle of the night.
If you like to target shoot, great. So do I. If you like to hunt, great. I couldn't do it, but I understand it. If you want a gun to protect yourself, awesome. I hope you're well trained and thoughtful enough not to have your ownership end in tragedy if confronted with a possibly threatening situation, and let me know before my child spends time there. 
Let's be clear.  I don't want your guns. Obama doesn't want your guns. What I want to see is common sense laws and law enforcement that helps reduce the amount of violence in this world. And I'd love to see the empty headed rhetoric and fear that surrounds gun ownership challenged with facts and common sense.